Thursday, May 7, 2009

Testing, 1, 2, 3?

Hello, is this microphone on?
So, I may be back writing again. I have a computer at home during the day!

Yes, I had a birthday, and my darlin' sweetie bought me a new laptop, a wireless router and the whole shebang. It's gorgeous. So, I've been lamenting the fact that I've had lots "blogworthy" going on in my life lately, but no computer during the day with which to write.

I'm definitely moving back here instead of my livejournal account, while I'll miss all the lovely history I had over there, the fact that you have to register to leave a comment was horrible. I've learned more about how to use this site, and can customize and add pictures and everything! :) I'm going to follow current and famous bloggers' advice and comb this blog for real names, and replace with nicknames or pseudonyms. Still trying to figure out just the "right" name to call my husband, we don't really "do" nicknames around here, other than Monkey (who, of course, no longer wishes to be called Monkey in person. I'll work on that.)

In short, homeschooling is going well overall, there are certainly days where I'm not so sure, LOL, but I'm very pleased with how well Shannon learns, it's mostly a matter of me trying to learn a teaching style that will work best with her. Home life is reasonably good as well, Sean's work is slower than we'd hope, but we haven't had to lay anyone off yet, so in this economy, it's a good thing.