Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What are we doing?

So late last spring, early summer, I realized that while my "ideal" method of homeschooling is still very eclectic, and that I hope to be able to organize myself into coming up with unique unit studies that will amaze and interest my daughter... well, I'm not that organized yet. And even if I were, is it really worth it to go to all that work when there are dozens of companies that have already done the footwork? While I'd love to homeschool on the cheap, sometimes it just makes sense to write that check and buy a curriculum.

What I chose for this school year is Moving Beyond the Page It's a literature-based unit study program, where you read various selected Newberry or Caldecott award winning children's books, and base your social studies, language arts, and even science lessons on what you read about in the books. Math at Shannon's level is not covered in this program, so we are continuing with Right Start Mathematics the recommended program, which we already used, nicely enough. The next few days, I'll cover what we've done and how we like it so far.

Tonight, being my first night back posting in months... that's a good enough start for me.

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