Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in the saddle!

So hi there again!!! Curious if I have any subscribed readers at all... though it really doesn't matter.

Second post this year I see. Ah, well. I'm going to try to write more, such as while Shannon's doing her reading and writing. It's a good habit for me to get into, plus Shannon and I have a deal that I won't play computer games (Bejeweled, Pogo, things like that) while she is in "school" because it's not fair. I agreed readily, but if I do housework while she's trying to have quiet time reading or writing in her journal, I've noticed it's very distracting to her... so I need a project that keeps me in my seat as well. Then I remembered the blog!!

Later, I'll post pictures of my new office. The office in this house has been used as a storage room for the past... well, 5 years, really. It was an office, too, but I had a path to a desk and the rest was unusable. So, this August and September I emptied the room thoroughly, sold off the desks and bookcases, and spent a ton of money at IKEA getting new desks, wall cabinets, and a bookshelf. I still have a little more junk to get rid of (about 4 more boxes to go through one item at a time), but I think the final product is going to be SO worth every penny, an office and functional school room. Shannon picked out her own desk instead of having a fully matching desk to my own. I think it looks great, and she definitely has "pride of ownership" over her half of the room.

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