Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So we got our big snow last night. So far we've got about 5" on the ground, which could have been added to the shy 2" from the other day, but that was mostly melted by 5PM yesterday. Most kids are giddy about snow. If you ask my daughter, she loves it. You'd think I was an evil ogre by asking her to do schoolwork today.

But that turns out not to be the case. She SAYS she loves it, but it's mostly show. She has fun, but most days she'll spend about 20 minutes at a time playing in the snow, then it's inside and all about the hot chocolate. I did tell her we'd do school today, and she was OK with that. I told her we could mix up the schedule due to the snow, she could play outside for a while, come in and do a subject or two while she warmed up, then repeat with more play. No, she said, she wanted to do all her schoolwork in the morning and get it over with. That way, she asserted, she'd have more time. I finally did convince her to get dressed and play for a while after we did math and a spelling test. See, I had to be aggressive, because for today's science lesson (yay, it's physics!) I had to set some things up without her noticing, and I hadn't gotten a chance to do it last night. If she saw the setup, then there would be no mystery to which apparently empty aluminum can has more mass, and therefore more inertia. Sigh.

So she went out. And it lasted 10 minutes. But I got it done. Science and reading await.

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