Monday, November 14, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Today, I really have nothing to blog about. I apologize for the lack of a quality post... but I wanted to keep in the habit of writing daily even if it's random stream of consciousness. Today's musings include the possible introduction of cursive writing to the curriculum soon (truth be told, she's not ready) and my own reminders to get her writing more. Still dreaming of remodeling the kitchen, our home refinance should be going through next month (hooray!)

So here I sit. I've been waiting for Shannon to get some work done. Today is a day where I'm having a hard time walking the line between patient/encouraging and impatient/taskmaster. Shannon's having a hard time staying focused, as we all get on Mondays, and I'm trying to let her take charge of her work more and more... but it's hard. Some days I feel like I have better things to do than sit and wait for her to get some work done. I want to go do laundry. I want to empty boxes in the guest room. But, instead, I need to stay here in the office and supervise her work.

The good news is that it's partly by her request. She has said she finds it distracting and hard to stay focused if I'm out of the room doing other things. It makes her feel left alone and ignored. OK, I'm fine with that. The bad news is that truly, when I am out of the room, she avoids work indeed. So I'm mostly trapped. I watch her wrestling with staying focused. I wonder how much I need to be an ogre mom. I know from my own experience that the only way to learn to focus is found from within... but ::argh:: I'm ready to pull my hair out.

(edited to restore paragraph formatting, which for some reason completely disappeared on a whole pile of posts)

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